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The external fire fighting systems are used for AHTS, AHT, PSV, FPSO, FSO, Offshore Vessels, Platforms, Maintenance Vessels, Supply Vessels, Fire Fighting Vessels, Escort Tugs, Tugs, etc. With CCS, BV, ABS Class Certificates.
Marine Tunnel Thruster can be driven by electric motor, diesel engine and hydraulic motor. Had passed certification of BV,CCS,ABS,EC,RINA, RS etc. BowThruster can provides sideway thrust to the vessel,which increase the operation flexibilities of the ships. L-Drive and Z-Drive are optional
  1. Type III Immersion Suit is designed to be worn in conjunction with a life jacket. 
  2. The main material of clothing is made of neoprene.
  3. Immersion Suits are completely waterproof and has an ability to withstand extreme temperatures of water in the open ocean.
  4. Survival suits are able to cover the whole body except the face.
  5. Support Samples 
  6. OEM brand is accepted
  7. Factory direct sales and have a price advantage.
helps us to work in places where the air isn't breathable It is a high-performance respiratory positive device designed for fireman and special trained person when trapper in the situation with smoke, pollution, hot vapor and/or hypoxygen, to perform the extinguish, rescue and ambulance.
TEMPSC Oil Rig Lifeboat is specifically designed for Drilling rigs, oil & gas Platforms. when an emergency happened , Enclosed lifeboat can assist the platform workers to escape from the accident quickly.
Totally Enclosed Lifeboat as a main life saving equipment on the ocean vessel,which is designed to be launched by Gravity type davit system.Life boat is fully enclosed to protect Crews from Seawater, Storm or rough weather.
Free Fall Lifeboat Davit is used on ship for supporting, lowering and raising Freefall Type Lifeboat. During rapid evacuation in emergencies, the lifeboat can slides out form this ramp of launching appliance on board the vessele.And it is passed BV,EC,RS,CCS etc. Certification.
Gravity Arm Type Lifeboat Davit is a hinged type davit , used on a ship or platform for supporting, lifting, and lowering lifeboat and rescue boat depending on boat self weight,and the recovering the enclosed lifeboat or rescue boat using electric boat winch.
The Oil Rig davit system comprise two fixed arms and electric winch.It is mainly installed on the offshore platform. And the lifeboat will be lowered to the surface of the water by its own gravity, independent of external power supply.
Freefall lifeboat cooperates with a free fall type launching appliance, so that the lifeboat can quickly slip and fall out from a ramp onboard installed on Vessel and offshore platform. And escape from the accident site very fast.
A Type Rescue Boat Davit is used on board for launching and recovering FRP fast rescue boat. The Launching appliance is provided with wave compensation unit,
Electric Operated Single Arm Slewing davit is designed for launching and recovery of a fully-loaded rescue boat and Life raft. Additionally, it’s also acted as Cargo Crane on the deck based on client’s requirement
Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) Complies with SOLAS regulation offering self-righting in case of capsizing, has a capacity of 6-15 persons. Fast Rescue Boat is driven by OUTBOARD ENGINE or INBOARD Diesel Engine,capable of 20 knots at least. And can be launched by single arm slewing davit or “A”type hydraulic davit
SOLAS Marine Rescue Boat is produced in accordance with SOLAS and IMO LSA code regulation etc. It is designed to be capable of carrying at least five seated persons and one person lying on a stretcher . And sailing speed not less then 6 knots.
Open type Lifeboat with no roof ,which is mainly used on Cargo Ship & Passenger vessel in inland river for emergency life resue.FRP Open Life boat is normally propelled by diesel engine or manual power by handle oars. Open lifeboat can be launched by a gravity type davit on both sides of the Vessel.



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