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Chongqing Gathering Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (Predecessor: China Hangyu Industry Co., Ltd.)
is a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine equipment from China.
  • [Industry Knowledge] Solas 6 Person GPR Open type Rescue Life Boat
    Rescue boats are the most important life-saving tool on ships, and rescue crew members in distress through rescue operations in emergency situations. A rescue boat has two functions.First, when a person in danger falls into the sea and cannot swim, the rescue boat should be in a position suitable fo
  • [Industry Knowledge] Marine Waste Incinerator
    Incinerators are important machinery on board ships that reduce ship waste disposal costs. It is used to burn solid and liquid waste generated by ships during normal operations and is also important for reducing overall ship waste.
  • [Industry Knowledge] Common Sense of Self-help
    Common sense of self-help The main way to prevent hypothermia after immersion in ice water is to use life-saving equipment reasonably, reduce activities in the water, keep the body and mind quiet, etc., and do everything possible to prevent or reduce body heat loss. Life-saving equipment is mainly f
  • [Industry Knowledge] SOLAS Requirement of EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
    1) EEBD shall comply with Fire system safety code and a spare EEBD must be kept onboard ship for the purposes of onboard training aside from those that present to evacuate a designated space.2) EEBD should be approved by the authority.3) All cargo ships must carry at least 2 EEBD in the accommodatio
  • [Industry Knowledge] Periodic Inspection of Aluminum foil material Fire Suit Fire Protective Suit
    Firefighter’s Protective Suit is a personal protective equipment for firefighter when approach flame area under strong retardant heat violation.use multi-layer composite fabric as structure, The outer layer is radiant reflective aluminum foil fabric composed by heat retardant composite materials,Be
  • [Industry Knowledge] Weekly and monthly inspections of F.R.P Rescue Boat
    Weekly and Monthly Inspections of F.R.P Rescue BoatSOLAS regulation III/20.6 requires that ship’s rescue boat must be inspected weekly and the report of the inspections must be entered into the ship’s logbook. Weekly inspection includes:① Visual inspection of rescue boat.② Condition of hooks and th
  • [Industry Knowledge] Operation Manual of Inflatable Life raft
    1. The inflatable life raft is packed in a FRP container/valise which is normally fastened to the rack fitted near ship's side. The painter leading from the valise or container is to be secured on the hydro-static release unit.2.When launching, release the HRU unit and let the liferaft launching fre
  • [Industry Knowledge] Daily Maintenance of the Emergency Escape Breathing Device
    The EEBD should be stored with suitable protection devices and in easy accessible areas. The maintenance of EEBD is done by shore people or manufacturers only as it has got a shelf life1)Check the indicator needle is in the green zone thus ensuring that no leak has taken place. This should be done m
  • [Industry Knowledge] EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device
    An Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is life saving appliance which is used for escaping an area with hazardous conditions such as fire, smoke, poisonous gases etc. As the name mentions, it is used for quick escape from a situation wherein the individual has to swiftly vacate his immediate su
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