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Marine External Fire Fighting FIFI System

The external fire fighting systems are used for AHTS, AHT, PSV, FPSO, FSO, Offshore Vessels, Platforms, Maintenance Vessels, Supply Vessels, Fire Fighting Vessels, Escort Tugs, Tugs, etc. With CCS, BV, ABS Class Certificates.

Marine External FiFi System / Fire Fighting Systems 

We provide external Fire Fighting Systems (Standard FiFi Class I / II / II Systems) for all kinds of vessels , oil Platforms etc. With CCS,BV,ABS,DNV and other Class Certification.

1.FiFi Class 2 System, 7200m3/h

Diesel Engine Driven

Fire Pumps: 2X3600m3/h  

Fire Monitors:4X1800m3/h@150m or  3x2400m3/h 

Remote Control System

2.FiFi Class 1 System, 2400m3/h

Diesel Engine Driven

Fire Pumps: 2X1200m3/h or one 2400m3/h

Fire Monitors:2X1200m3/h@120m

Remote Control System

3.FiFi 1/2 System , 1200m3/h 

Diesel Engine Driven

Fire pumps: 1200m3/h 

Fire Monitors:2X600m3/h@120m or 1X1200m3/h@120m 

Remote Control System

4.None Classed Fi-Fi System

 Diesel Engine Driven or Electric Motor Driven 

 Fire pumps: 2X300m3/h@145m 

 Fire Monitors:2X300m3/h@85m

 Remote Control System

 Fire Pumps: 300m3/h@145m

 Fire Monitors:300m3/h@85m

 Remote Control System

 Fire Pumps: 250m3/h@110m

 Fire Monitors:250m3/h@70m

 Remote Control System
 5.Maine data of External Fire Fighting System(F-F-S)

Class None Class FiFi 1/2 FiFi I FiFi II FiFi III
No. Monitors 2 1 2 2 2 3 4 3 4
Monitor Capacity(m3/hr) 600 1200 600 1200 3600 2400 1800 3200 2400/2500
No. Pumps 1-2 1-2 1-2 2 2-4 2 2-4
Total Pump Capacity(m3/hr) 600 1200 2400 7200 7200 9600 9600/10000
Throw Length(m) 85 120 120 180 150 180 150
Throw Height(m) 45 45 45 110 110 110m 70

Photos of FIFI  System for reference

External Class FIFI System
Marine FIFI Systems FIFI System Pump
Packing and delivery

External Marine Fire Fighting System

Movable FIFI  System unit with Container

Container FIFI System

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