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SOLAS Approved China Marine Rescue Boat

SOLAS Marine Rescue Boat is produced in accordance with SOLAS and IMO LSA code regulation etc. It is designed to be capable of carrying at least five seated persons and one person lying on a stretcher . And sailing speed not less then 6 knots.

SOLAS Approved China Marine Rescue Boat

Rescue Boat is made from GRP glassfiber reinforced plastics , Between the inner hull and outer hull of Rescue Craft filled with polyurethane foam to offer sufficient buoyancy.
Rescue Boat is driven by Mercury Outboard Engine or Inboard Diesel Engine.
And can be launched by a single arw slewing davit.
Certification: CCS/BV/EC/RS
1.Outboard Engine Driven Rescue Boat

SOLAS Rescue boat

2.Diesel Engine Driven Rescue Boat

Rescue boat with inbuild engine

380J-3 engine

3.Single Arm Slewing Davit

Single arm slewing davit

GRP Rescue Boat Specification

Type Main Dimensions Capacity Speed Boat Weight  Engine
4.5m 4.5*1.82*0.9m 6P 6knots 915kg 380J-3 20.6KW
4.5m 4.5*1.86*0.75m 6P 6knots  625kg Mercury 25hp
5.5m 5.5*2.06*0.9m 6P 6knots  2195kg Diesel Engine

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