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Chongqing Gathering Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (Predecessor: China Hangyu Industry Co., Ltd.)
is a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine equipment from China.
  • [Product News] What Are The Classifications of Lifeboats?
    Lifeboats, pivotal in maritime safety, assume a crucial role as vital life-saving equipment during extreme emergencies prompting ship abandonment. These smaller, rigid vessels are meticulously designed to be swiftly abandoned with minimal time and machinery involvement, ensuring a prompt response to
  • [Product News] The Function And Structure of Solas Immersion Suit
    An immersion suit, also known as a survival suit or anti-exposure suit, is a specialized piece of personal protective equipment designed to provide thermal protection and buoyancy to individuals in emergency situations involving immersion in cold water.
  • [Product News] How to put on Firefighter Suits
    Firefighting clothing, commonly recognized as bunker gear or firefighting gear, stands as the indispensable protective attire donned by firefighters during an array of firefighting and rescue operations. Meticulously engineered, these garments are purpose-built to endure the relentless assault of hi
  • [Product News] Basket Transfer Offshore at Oil Platform
    An offshore crew transfer basket, often referred to as a crew carrier, is a specialized transportation apparatus meticulously engineered for the swift and secure relocation of crew members. It achieves this through integration with a crane system affixed to either a stationary or floating platform.
  • [Product News] The Role And Certification of Lifeboats
    The Role And Certification of Lifeboats
  • [Product News] The Working Principle And Use of Air Compressor
    The Working Principle And Use of Air CompressorThe working principle of SCBA air compressor is as follows:1. **Compressed Air Source:** The air compressor is connected to a clean ambient air source, usually the atmosphere.2. **Compression:** The primary function of a compressor is to compress incomi
  • [Product News] Anti-collision Marine Fender
    The expression and application of Marien Fenders
  • [Product News] what is Marine Electric Cooking Range With Oven ?
    A marine electric range is a specialized cooking appliance intended for marine or maritime use, commonly installed on vessels like boats and ships. It operates using electricity to facilitate cooking, baking, and food heating while at sea. These ranges are engineered to endure the distinct demands o
  • [Product News] Portable Emergency Escape Breathing Device
    An Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is a life-saving device used to escape from areas with dangerous conditions such as fire, smoke, toxic gases, etc. As the name suggests, it is used to quickly escape situations where an individual is in danger. Quickly leave the surrounding environment, i.
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