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  • Common sense of self-help The main way to prevent hypothermia after immersion in ice water is to use life-saving equipment reasonably, reduce activities in the water, keep the body and mind quiet, etc., and do everything possible to prevent or reduce body heat loss. Life-saving equipment is mainly f

  • How it works: pneumatic rope thrower is a high-pressure gas driven linear rope thrower system, does not involve explosives, and no spark or flame. The simple working principle and process are as follows: firstly, the air input from the external gas compressor to the cylinder of the rope thrower, so

  • Marine Electric Heating Hot Water Tank

  • water bag is a new type of multipurpose weight test product. Compared with the traditional weighing products, such as heavy weight and inconvenient transportation, the new multifunctional weighing water bag has its own advantages. It is foldable, light in weight, small in size, small in occupied spa

  • Fire monitor is an important fire fighting equipment for long-distance fire fighting. Fire monitor is divided into fire monitor (PS) and fire foam monitor (PP). Fire monitor is a fire-fighting equipment that sprays water to extinguish general solid substances from a long distance, and fire monitor f


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