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  • On April 14, 2024, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz led a delegation to China and chose Chongqing as the first stop of his visit to China.Our company warmly welcomes Mr. Scholz and his delegation to visit Chongqing. As a member of Chongqing, we are honored to witness this historic moment.
  • Booms are floating barriers used to contain and control oil spills in oceans, rivers and lakes. It plays an irreplaceable role in responding to oil spills and is an important equipment for emergency response and environmental protection.
  • Marine rescue shovel is an important tool for rescue personnel from the water, usually made of metal, with a long handle and a flat shovel head.This kind of tool has a key role in marine rescue, it can help rescue personnel quickly and effectively rescue drowned people from the water, and bring them
  • Fire hose couplings play a key role in connecting and transmitting the flow of water and are an important component part of a fire protection system.These couplings are generally made of petroleum brass or stainless steel and are resistant to heat and corrosion. They are generally connected to fire
  • Marine signal flags are a common communication tool on ships, used to convey various information and instructions. These signal flags are usually made of brightly colored cloth printed with different symbols, letters or numbers, each with a specific meaning and purpose.


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