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Single Arm Slewing Davit and Rescue Boat Davit

Electric Operated Single Arm Slewing davit is designed for launching and recovery of a fully-loaded rescue boat and Life raft.
Additionally, it’s also acted as Cargo Crane on the deck based on client’s requirement

Single Arm Slewing Davit and Rescue Boat Davit

The Rescue Boat Davit is mainly used for lifting & lowering Rescue Boat or Liferaft . Additionally, it's also acted as crane based on client's requirement
The Davit confirms to the requirement of the Amendments to SOLAS 1996-MSC.47(66). International LSA Code MSC.48(66). IMO Resolution MSC81(70) etc.
The boat is lowered by means of remote control,that the crew can release and stop the hand brake of winch from inside of the boat via wire connection to the brake arm and wire spoil on the winch.
Alternatively the crew can operate the hand brake on the deck.
A permanently mounted motor on the winch is used for hoisting the boat back to the stowed position.

Slewing Davit for Rescue Boat. (13)
Rescue boat launching appliance 1

Rescue Boat Slewing Davit Specification
ZF23 ZF30
S.W.L (Kn) 23 30
Hoisting Load (Kn) 14 25
Slewing Load (Kn) 14 25
Slewing Radius (m) 3.8~6.2 4.3~5.8
Hoisting Speed (m/min) 18 18
Suitable Boat For Rescue Boat & Life Raft
615 persons Fast Rescue Boat

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