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Chongqing Gathering Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (Predecessor: China Hangyu Industry Co., Ltd.)
is a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine equipment from China.
  • [Product News] Marine Shackle

    shackle are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum use, machinery, chemical industry, port, mining, construction and other industries.

  • [Product News] Inflatable life jacket

    Inflatable life jacket usage:(How to use an inflatable life jacket)1. Automatic inflation device will auto-inflate within 5 seconds when the inflatable life jacket falls into the water.2. Blowing inflatable pipe on the left side of life jacket.Open the left side of the life jacket,pull the mouthpiec

  • [Latest News] Requirements for Fire Blankets in Electric Car Charging Stations

  • [Product News] Intelligent Lifebuoy

    The U-shaped intelligent life buoy is used to replace the rescue personnel to enter the water, and can be used to make up for the inaccurate casting of the existing life buoy.

  • [Product News] Rudder Propeller

    The rudder ropeller is usually connected with the ship's rudder and propeller, which is mainly used to control the rudder and propeller in order to realize the functions of forward, backward, lateral and in-situ rotation of the ship, and plays a very important role in the propulsion process of the ship.

  • [Product News] Ultraviolet Sterilizer

    Ultraviolet disinfection is mainly through the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens) radiation damage and destruction of nucleic acid function so that the microorganisms to death, so as to achieve the goal of disinfection.

  • [Latest News] Customer visits during the COVID-19

    Since the Indonesian Maritime Exhibition in 2019 and the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, we have never had the opportunity to go abroad and visit customers.Now, three years later, we can visit our customers in Indonesia during the epidemic.

  • [Company News] Holiday Notice - Spring Festival

    To celebrate Chinese New Year,we have 10 days holidas

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