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Chongqing Gathering Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (Predecessor: China Hangyu Industry Co., Ltd.)
is a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine equipment from China.
  • [Product News] Portable Emergency Escape Breathing Device

    An Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is a life-saving device used to escape from areas with dangerous conditions such as fire, smoke, toxic gases, etc. As the name suggests, it is used to quickly escape situations where an individual is in danger. Quickly leave the surrounding environment, i.

  • [Product News] Professional Chemical Protection Suit Coverall

    Chemical protective clothing is designed to provide a barrier between the wearer and hazardous chemicals or substances. Its primary function is to protect individuals from harmful chemicals, toxins, corrosive materials, and other harmful substances that may result in skin contact, absorption, or inh

  • [Product News] Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

    A self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is a device for the automatic supply of breathable gas in an environment posing an immediate danger to life or health.

  • [Product News] Marine External Fire Pump of series FIFI

    Fire pumps increase the effectiveness of fire protection systems by providing the extra pressure water needs to extinguish fires. The pump does not produce water, but is connected to fire sprinklers or a readily available external water source. For convenience, you can also connect the fire pump to

  • [Product News] Marine External Fire Fighting System WIthaca CSS BV Certificate

    FiFi system is commonly used on vessels whose primary or secondary role is fire protection of other vessels.

  • [Product News] Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant 

    RO is a membrane separation water purification technology in which the feed water flows under pressure along the surface of the membrane. Pure water passes through the membrane and is collected, while concentrated water containing dissolved and undissolved debris that does not pass through the membr

  • [Product News] Davit launched Inflatable liferaft

    The davit drop-down liferaft hangs the liferaft on the side of the ship through the landing equipment, enters inward from the deck of the ship when it is inflated, and drops it into the sea through the davit. The liferaft is also designed to self-inflate in the event of davit launching equipment fai

  • [Product News] Marine Throw Overboard Inflatable Liferaft for Lifesaving

    Throwable inflatable liferafts automatically inflate and deploy when thrown from a boat into the water. If the ship sinks, the life raft can be quickly separated from the sunken ship and floated from deep water.

  • [Product News] Marine Gravity Luffing Arm Type Lifeboat for Lifesaving

    Lifeboats are one of the most important life-saving equipment on a ship and are used when abandoning ship in extreme emergencies. A lifeboat is a small rigid vessel secured to the ship's davits so that it can be launched over the ship's side with a minimum of time and mechanical assistance to allow

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