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China Gathering Marine Total Enclosed Lifeboat Gravity Davit

Gravity Arm Type Lifeboat Davit is a hinged type davit , used on a ship or platform for supporting, lifting, and lowering lifeboat and rescue boat depending on boat self weight,and the recovering the enclosed lifeboat or rescue boat using electric boat winch.

China Gathering Marine Total Enclosed Lifeboat Gravity Davit

The Lifeboat davit is a hinged type davit and lowering boat by gravity fall. Gravity type davit is designed for embarkation when the boat in stowed position.
Design,manufacture and test of the davit fully comply with relevant requirements of 1996 amendment of 1974 International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and resolutions of Maritime Safety Committee MSC.81(70)

Gravity Type Davit Technical Specification

Technical Data 50KN 65KN 90KN 150KN 170KN
Working load(kN) 50 65 90 155 170
Min Lowering Load(kN) 25 25 42 68 80
Hoisting load(kN) 28 42 50 110 100
Incline  limit List ≤20°    Trim≤10°

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