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Marine Electric Tilting Stainless Steel Frying Pan

A marine tilting electric wok, a kitchen essential for maritime adventures, marries convenience and culinary finesse. Its robust stainless steel structure hosts a rounded bottom, ensuring effortless cleanup. With a nifty lift system for easy tilting and pot temperature control via a thermostat, it's a maritime chef's best friend.

The versatile marine kitchen electric frying pan is indispensable for cooking, frying, and baking a variety of delightful dishes. Tailored for maritime environments, this tiltable wonder finds its perfect fit on ships, offshore drilling platforms, in hotels, and various enterprises. Its adaptability and cleanliness make it a healthy and convenient choice for culinary adventures at sea or on the shore.

Marine Frying Pan19

Marine Frying Pan188

Product parameters:

【Material】: Stainless steel

【Capacity】: 40L 80L

【Power】: 90KW

【Weight】: 120KG

【Warranty period】: 12 months

【Packaging】: wooden box

【Application】: kitchen appliances

Marine Frying Pan20


【Temperature Control】: Operate within a range of 60°C to 300°C, giving you precise control over the cooking process.

【Tilt Mechanism】: Effortlessly empty trays and pans with the convenient tilt mechanism, enhancing efficiency during your cooking ventures.

【Hygienic Design】: Ensure cleanliness and hygiene with polished pot surfaces and exterior panels made of stainless steel.

【Safety Features】: Benefit from constant temperature protection, prioritizing safety throughout your cooking experience in marine environments.

Routine maintenance

Regular Cleaning: Clean the wok thoroughly after each use to maintain hygiene.

Check Tilt Mechanism: Ensure the tilt function works smoothly by regular testing.

Temperature Calibration: Verify and calibrate temperature settings periodically.

Electrical Safety: Regularly check electrical components for any signs of damage.

Seal and Gasket: Ensure seals and gaskets are intact for efficient cooking.

Professional Servicing: Consider occasional professional maintenance for longevity.

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