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What is Maritime Signal Flags?

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What is Maritime Signal Flags?

Marine signal flags are a common communication tool on ships, used to convey various information and instructions. These signal flags are usually made of brightly colored cloth printed with different symbols, letters or numbers, each with a specific meaning and purpose.

Marine signal flags can be used in a variety of situations, including but not limited to:

Communication and command: Ships can communicate information, such as course, speed, ship status, etc., to other ships or terminals by flying specific signal flags to coordinate navigation and operations.

Emergency: In an emergency, a ship may use a signal flag to send a distress signal or issue a warning to alert other ships and the coast of an existing danger.

Etiquette and Ceremony: Ship signal flags are also often used to express greetings, blessings or celebrations on special occasions, such as when a ship arrives in port, participates in fleet activities, or celebrates special holidays.

Marine signal flag2

The use of ship signal flags has strict regulations and conventions, and the meaning of the symbols is usually stipulated by the International Maritime Signal Law. In addition, ships should also use signal flags correctly in accordance with the relevant regulations and guidelines of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to ensure accurate and effective communication.


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