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Manual Fire Cannon and Electric Fire Cannon: Comparison and Difference

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 Manual Fire Cannon and Electric Fire Cannon: Comparison and Difference

Manual fire cannons and electric fire cannons are two common types in fire engineering, and there are some differences between them in terms of principle, operation and application. The following will compare and differentiate these two types of fire cannons:

Fire monitor water cannon Wate3
Water Cannon System

Manual fire monitor:

1.Operation: manual fire cannons require manual operation, usually by manually rotating the water gun or water cannon spray direction and water flow to achieve fire fighting operations.

2.Scope of application: for small places or need to set up temporary fire fighting equipment, such as factories, wharves, construction sites and so on.

3.Flexibility: Because it is manually operated, the flexibility is high, and the direction and flow of water spray can be adjusted at any time according to the needs.

4.Dependent on manpower: Operators need to spend a certain amount of physical strength, need to have enough human resources to operate.

Electric fire monitor:

1.Operation mode: Electric fire cannons are driven by electricity and can be operated remotely or automatically, usually equipped with a remote control or automatic control system.

2.Scope of application: It is suitable for large places or places requiring long time continuous operation, such as oil fields, chemical plants, harbor terminals and so on.

3.Automation: It can realize automatic rotation, automatic lifting, automatic adjustment of water flow, etc., which improves the operation efficiency and safety.

4.Unmanned operation: It can be controlled remotely by remote control or automatic control system, no need for personnel to operate it directly, which reduces human input.

FiFi system Fire Water Cannon Water4.jpg

Fire monitor water cannon Wate5

fire water and foam monitor1

Manual fire cannons and electric fire cannons have their own advantages and disadvantages, the choice of the right fire cannons depends on the specific fire needs and site conditions.


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