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Explore The Difference between Marine Fire Water Cannons: Portable, Semi-permanent, Fixed

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Explore The Difference between Marine Fire Water Cannons: Portable, Semi-permanent, Fixed

Marine fire fighting water cannon is one of the important fire fighting equipments on ships, which can be usually classified into three types: portable, semi-permanent and fixed according to its installation method and functional characteristics. These different types of water cannons play different roles in the ship fire fighting system.


External Fire Fighting 5

Water Cannon System

Portable Marine Fire Water Monitor:

Portable water cannons are usually designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, and are suitable for temporary fire extinguishing in emergency situations.

They are characterized by simple operation and can be moved to the location where the fire needs to be extinguished at any time and place with flexibility and convenience. These water cannons are usually hand-held by firefighters during a fire or mounted on a vehicle for use.

Semi-Permanent Marine Fire Water Monitor:

Semi-permanent water cannons are usually installed in a fixed position on the vessel, but can be adjusted in angle and direction to suit different fire-fighting needs. 

Compared with portable water cannons, semi-permanent water cannons are more solid and suitable for long-term use, but do not need to be completely fixed in one position, with a certain degree of flexibility and convenience.

Fixed Marine Fire Water Monitor:

Fixed water cannons are firefighting equipment mounted in a fixed position on a ship and are usually used for long term, consistent firefighting needs. These water cannons are usually mounted at key locations on the ship, such as on deck or at the edge of the ship's hold, to ensure that they can be quickly put into service and cover the entire ship in the event of a fire.

fire fighting system12

Portable, semi-permanent and fixed marine water cannons have their own characteristics and are suitable for different fire-fighting scenarios and needs.

When designing and configuring fire-fighting system, ships need to consider various types of water cannons according to the actual situation, so as to ensure that ships can effectively respond to the occurrence of fire and protect the safety of ships and crews.


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