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Oil boom: key equipment to protect the environment

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Oil boom: key equipment to protect the environment

Booms are floating barriers used to contain and control oil spills in oceans, rivers and lakes. It plays an irreplaceable role in responding to oil spills and is an important equipment for emergency response and environmental protection.

oil boom

These booms have the following features:

Lightweight PVC material: 

The oil boom is made of lightweight PVC material, which has good buoyancy and durability and can effectively float on the water, forming a barrier to prevent the spread of oil leaks.

Small storage space and lightweight design: 

The oil boom is compact in design, easy to store and carry, and can be quickly deployed to the leak site at any time to facilitate emergency response.

Minimal Manpower and Easy to Deploy: 

Quickly deploy and set up with minimal manpower and simple tools, increasing the efficiency and speed of responding to emergencies.

oil boom 1

Oil containment booms are suitable for a variety of environments and scenarios, including water environments such as oceans, rivers, and lakes, as well as emergency response to oil spills.


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