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Life Raft

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  • 1. The inflatable life raft is packed in a FRP container/valise which is normally fastened to the rack fitted near ship's side. The painter leading from the valise or container is to be secured on the hydro-static release unit.2.When launching, release the HRU unit and let the liferaft launching fre

  • Life rafts was an important safety requirement on ships. In their absence, marine fatalities could occur which otherwise could have been prevented. Ships, large boats, and other marine vessels incorporate the usage of life rafts, making them indispensable in the nature of marine vessel operations.

  • There are usually two decoupling devices on the boom, one for connecting the rescue boat and the other for connecting the life raft. Responsible crew members should pay attention to their daily maintenance to ensure that they are always available.1). Releasing of the rescue boat when the power is of

  • Release Operation Of Davit Launched Life Raft1. Remove all protective devices, check and remove all obstacles;2. Open the black guard plate on the side of the life raft, and pull the raft shackle 1 (as shown in the picture) out of the container;3. Raise the heavy hammer, lower the hook, and connect

  • How to release the life raft ? Life raft are usually described as a fundamental piece of safety equipment. However, it’s the most important and efficient products for life saving when people encounter danger or emergency situations at sea . While a life raft is meant to extend your survival time unt


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