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Self Righting Liferaft

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Self Righting Liferaft

Self Righting Liferaft

A self righting liferaft is an inflatable survival craft designed to automatically flip upright in the event of capsizing, ensuring maximum safety and survival of occupants. The raft is inflated by gas canisters or manually, and its design makes it resistant to water pressure and weather forces.

The self-righting feature of the liferaft is achieved by its ballast system, which keeps the raft at a stable center of gravity and prevents it from capsizing. The ballast system comprises a weighted keel that helps to bring the raft upright in the water.

Most self-righting liferafts are equipped with survival gear, such as food, water, flares, and signaling devices. They are also fitted with a sealed canopy to provide protection from the elements and keep occupants dry. Additionally, the liferaft can be designed with reflective materials for greater visibility and increased chances of rescue.

Overall, a self-righting liferaft offers an excellent survival solution in cases of emergencies, as it ensures maximum safety and survival for occupants regardless of external forces or circumstances.

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