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Operation Manual of Inflatable Life raft

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Operation Manual of Inflatable Life raft

1. The inflatable life raft is packed in a FRP container/valise which is normally fastened to the rack fitted near ship's side. The painter leading from the valise or container is to be secured on the hydro-static release unit.

2.When launching, release the HRU unit and let the liferaft launching freely into the water, or alternatively, cast the life raft overboard by hand.The liferaft will be inflated automatically into its shape with the aid of the CO +N2 gas released from the bottles. If the liferaft is stowed at a height less then 11m from the waterline, pull the painter to open the quick discharging valves of the gas bottles, then the liferaft will be inflated into its shape.

3.When the liferaft has been inflated into its shape, passegeners who wear their life jackets, may board the liferaft by MES Marine Evacuation System or Rope ladder hanging overside the ship or by the aid of other means. The boarding ladder fitted at the front entrance and boarding plate locating on rear entrances of the raft, which will enable the persons in the water to climb to board. If the distress ship has a low free board, crews may jump over board from the deck into the raft. Warning hard sole shoes should be taken off. And great care should be taken to the safety of other people inside of the rescue raft.

4. In case the SOLAS liferaft inflates in an inverted position, a man wearing a lifejacket may climb on the life raft and stand on the side where the gas cylinders are fitted. Grasp the righting strap and pull steadily while leaning as far backwards as possible. This will turn the life raft over.

5.After boarding, if there is any survivor in the water, throw the rescue quoit towards him. Haul in the line and help him into the raft as quickly as possible.

6.After boarding, cast off immediately or cut the painter connects the raft to the sinking ship by safety knife.

7.Take out the paddles and leave the sinking ship as quickly as possible.


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