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Aluminum Foils Heat Insulated Suit Fire Protective Suit

Aluminum Foils Fire Protective Suit is a ideal protective suit for the fire fighters to rescue and operate in fire ground and high temperature accident sites.
The Heat Insulated Suit has been certified by CCS Certification for Marine usage.
Radiant heat temperature reach to 1000℃
Aluminum Foils Heat Insulated Suit Fire Protective Suit
SOLAS approved Aluminum film fireproof suit / Fireman protective suit is made of aluminum foils and meets the requirements of GA88"Performance requirements and test methods for fire-resistance and heat-insulating clothing".
Suitable for fighting gas fire and high temperature work place. The protective clothing for marine use has been certified and checked by CCS

Specification of Fire Protective Suits
Model Radiant heat temperature Hydraulic pressure Heat radiation resistance Certificatce
XF-93-A 500℃/800℃
≥4000pa Not over25℃
@10kw/m2 for 30s
Aluminum Fire Suit (39)
HelmetFire boots

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