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Water Safety Equipment Rescue Tube NBR Life Guard for Swimming

Life guard is a common water-saving equipment in modern life-saving. It is small, portable and versatile. The life guard is equipped with straps and connecting ropes. It plays an important role in water entry, approach and towing in drowning lifesaving.

Water Safety Equipment Rescue Tube NBR Life Guard for Swimming

Lifesaving Guard Buoy Feature:

Anti-aging, no deformation, corrosion resistance, no air leakage, resistance to falling and scratching, strong buoyancy,bright color, beautiful appearance, durable


NBR is Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, is made from Butadiene and acrylonitrile through emulsion polymerization, Nitrile Rubber is mainly produced by low-temperature emulsion polymerization, excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, strong adhesion. In addition, it also has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding properties. Widely used in the production of a variety of oil-resistant rubber products, a variety of oil-resistant gaskets, gaskets, casing, and other industries, become an essential elastic material.

Product name  Life Guard
Buoyancy 150N
Material NBR
Color  Red
Weight 1.1-1.35kg

life guard

Sea guard

marine life guard

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