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Water Rescue U Shape PU Foam Orange Horseshoe Life Buoy

Horseshoe-shaped life buoy is a kind of life-saving equipment, which is suitable for all kinds of ships as well as for commercial use. It has cables that pull the wounded to the rescuers. In addition, the freestanding housing allows us to separate the interior and exterior, as well as the zipper design, making it easy to disassemble and clean. Horseshoe-shaped life buoy can be equipped with self-activated smoke signal or self-lighting light.
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Water Rescue U Shape PU Foam Orange Horseshoe Life Buoy

Outer Material PU leather waterproof fabric
Inner Material Lightweight foam
Weight 0.8kg
Color Orange/Red/white/yellow can customize it
OEM Acceptable
Thickness 8.5-9cm

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Horseshoe Lifebuoy Advantages

Ⅰ.Light weight

Ⅱ.Bright colors lead to high visibility and easy to distinguish

Ⅲ.There is no need to inflate, so there is no need to worry about leaks

Ⅳ.Compared with the general foam swim Lifebuoy,it is not easy to break

Ⅴ.Zipper design, independent jacket, easy to disassemble and clean

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Orange Lifebuoy

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