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Vertical Type Marine Evacuation System with Double Chute

Marine evacuation system is an appliance for the rapid transfer of persons from the embarkation deck of a ship to a floating survival craft.
Evacuation capacity reach to 700Persons max.

Vertical Type Marine Evacuation System with Double Chute

A Marine Evacuation System - MES, consisting of a slide or chute where passengers can evacuate straight into Inflation Platform life rafts, can often be found on passenger ships and modern high speed crafts because its short evacuation times.

Evacuation Chute is stowed in the storage container on the deck. When releasing the handle, the Escape chute will be formed into the Water automatically.

Specification of MES

Type Model

Max. Stowage Height


Capacity Of Evacuation (P) Capacity Of Platform (P) Weight (kg)

Container size


Vertical MES MES-S 25 330 50 1900 1200*1850*2500
MES-D 25 560~660 75/100 2600 1200*2600*2500
Inclined MES MES-I 12 350 50 1300 1870*1300*1948
MES-II 12 700 100 1800 2370*1680*2000


  1. The Marine Evacuation System is supply to the persons flee for their life. So you mustn't take any things which have nothing to do with the evacuation.

  2. Call together the passengers around you to the shipboard where the life-saving equipments spots.

  3. Please don't take the goods such as high-heel shoes and glasses, necklace, stickpin when you evacuating.

  4. The mated liferaft must be firstly launched. Visible identification (fitting liferaft) is marked on the container of the liferaft.

  5. The adults can evacuate separately but the baby must be hold in the arm by adult.

  6. All the evacuate passengers must wear their lifejacket which approved by classification.

Types:  Vertical type & Inclined type

Inclined type Single Chute Evacuation System


Vertical type Marine Evacuation System


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