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Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer

UV-Sterilizer bases on the latest technology, to create a high effective disintectionunit for drinking water, Gathering marine developed UIV series UV-sterilizer,which covers wide capacity for reaching different applications in industry and marine fields.
  • UIV-10
  • 8419200000
  • UV-Sterilizer
  • 1.3-40
  • 325-400
  • 320-450
  • 600-1150
  • Water Treatment
Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer

The UV unit is designed to provide disinfection to potable water onboard.
The whole system includes stainless steel UV chamber, UV sensor, UV-lamp, Quartz
jacket, solenoid valve, control cabinet.
The control system is arranged through a controller program, which collect information
from UV sensor and lamp monitors, so that the solenoid valve on output pipe can be controlled at such conditions like the Lamp failure and the UV dosage lower, the solenoid valve will be closed , to protect unqualified water passing through to potable water system; meanwhile , a lamp running-hours accumulator will delivers alarm while running hours reaches to 7200 hours and valve will closed when running hours reaches 8000hrs.

Main features of UV sterilizer 
-Stainless steel chamber with no corrosion
-Long life UV lamp up to 8000HRS
-User freiendly interface with PLC for easy operation and understanding
-UV lamp status monitoring system indicating clearly which lamp to be change. 

Technical specification
UV-Sterilizer covers capacity from 1~40m 3 /h, details as follow:
Model UIV-1.3 UIV-4 UIV-10 UIV-20 UIV-30 UIV-40
Capacity(m3/h) 1.3 4 10 20 30 40
Length(mm) 325 385 400 400 400 400
Width(mm) 320 380 400 450 450 450
Height(mm) 600 600 600 1150 1150 1150

Spare part
No. Description  Qty  Part ID  Remark
1  UV sensor  1  14-01-02-64 
2  O-ring  1  00-10-00-59 
3  O-ring  1  00-10-00-60 
4  O-ring  1  00-10-00-61 
5  Gasket glass UV  2  00-10-00-49 
6  Window glass UV  1  00-10-00-50 
7  Fuse (0.12A)  5  01-99-98-15 
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