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Survival Suit Mairne Cold Water Immersion Suit with Seperated Five Fingers Gloves

High Visible Fluorescent Green Fabric Immersion Suit with five-finger rubber gloves. The suit is also equipped with removable three-finger neoprene gloves.
The high-brightness fluorescent green color is easier to be found by rescuers in a shipwreck. MED and CCS Certification are available , and OEM is accepted also.

Survival Suit Marine Cold Water Immersion Suit with Seperated Five Fingers Gloves

High-brightness fluorescent green Immersion Suit is designed to be worn in a Lifejacket. 

Each suit is produced comply with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendments. The air tightness will be done after the production is completed, and can be packed after pass the Inpection.

five-finger gloves immersion suit

Main Features

  1. High Visible Fluorescent colors

  2. Material: 5mm thickness Neoprene

  3. Reflative tape:400cm2 SOLAS Reflective tape

  4. With Five-Finger Rubber Gloves

  5. Also equipped with removable Three-Finger Neoprene Gloves

  6. Suitable height:1500~2050mm 

Technical Data 

Specifications Adult Adult Adult Adult
Size Small Medium Large Extra large
Certification SOLAS CCS MED
Height range(mm) 1500~1650 1650~1800 1800~1950 1950~2050

Other optional types

MED Immersion Suit

Marine Immersion Suit

Test Kit for Immersion Suit

Use air pump or external gas source to test the air tightness of the immersion suits by inflatin gas to it, repair the air leakage part accordingly.

Immersion Suit Repairing Tools (9)

Tools composition:

1.2pcs of Face Fixture,

2.1pc Pressure Gauge

3.1set of Valve Connection

4.1pc of Hand Pump

5.1pc of Patch Fabric

6.1pc of Glue

7.1pc of Scissors

8.1pc of Brush

9.1pc of Chalk

10. 1pc of Hand held case

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