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Silver Ion sterilizer

The Silver Sterilizing Unit is designed to provide disinfection to potable water onboard, and inhibit growth of
bacteria and germs. Silver sterilizing is a very old way for fresh water treatment, the treated water can be kept
fresh for longer time than other treatment, likes UV sterilizing and chemical dosing etc.
  • Silver 168

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  • Silver Ion sterilizer

  • 0-25

  • 10 days

  • seawater treatment plant

Silver Ion sterilizer 

The whole system includes stainless steel chamber, silver ion electrodes, flow meter, pressure gauge, control  cabinet.
The control system is arranged through a PLC controller, which collects information from flow meter or other  input control signal, and keep dosing rated with flow, which can be controlled at such conditions likes the failure  of control cabinet and the silver ion dosage lower etc.

The Silver ion sterilizer covers capacity from 0~20m3/h with silver dosage at 0.04ppm.
Details as follow:
Model : SIL-168
Capacity :  Max. 15 m3/h @0.04ppm dosage
Number of silver plates :  1 pc of twin silver plate with 100% purity
Type of electrode :  Ag-twin
Voltage :  220VAC; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption :  Less than 40 W
Output Current :  0~200mA
Flow meter :  Pulse generating type, PLC connection
Protection of cabinet :  IP54
Alarm:  Potential-free, NO & NC available
Ambient temperature :  5-45 ℃
Working pressure :  max 10 bar
Working temperature :  5~60℃
Material chamber :  Stainless steel
Outline Dimension:  450x450mm
Flange Connection : DN25

Electric connections
The unit of power supply is designed available to 220VAC & 50/60Hz, for other power source to be further
required. Please be advised that we can supply as option. For details, please refer to electrical drawing.
Alarm extension 
There is a potential-free alarm available to be further extended to ECR, NC or NO are available to ship’s centre monitoring system
Guarantee period 
12 months counting from the date of vessel handing over to shipowner or 24 months counting from the date of goods delivering to shipyard , whichever comes earlier.
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