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Portable High Pressure Mini Floating Pump

A floating water pump is a type of pump that can operate while floating on the water's surface. It is designed with buoyant devices to ensure stability on the water. The floating pump is compact, lightweight, and easy to operate. It can directly utilize water sources such as ponds, rivers, wells, and reservoirs, providing strong flexibility.

The floating water pump has the advantages of strong flexibility, large water output, long range, and easy maintenance. 

It is mainly used for firefighting, water drainage, water supply, water-based construction, and other purposes, providing necessary support and services for various water activities and emergency situations.

Floating water pump parameters

Water inlet diameter 65mm 80mm 80mm
Outlet diameter 65mm 65mm 65mm
Minimum water absorption depth 5m 5m 5m
Fuel tank capacity 2.5L 4L 4L
Limited flow 480L/min 600L/min


Weight 24KG
47.5KG 55KG

floating pump 7

Product structure

floating pump 8

The design purpose

Floating pump is to provide operators with a rapid water source from lakes, ponds, or other bodies of water.

floating pump 9

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