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Pool Chair Life Saving Chair Swimming Pool Chair with Life Buoy

Swimming pool chair is essential for lifeguard in natatorium and outdoor beaches.
The chair can provide lifeguards with a higher field of vision so they can quickly spot people in need.

Swimming Pool Chair

1.The Description of Swimming Pool Chair

lifesaving chair

Swimming Pool Chair

Swimming pool chair as 'good friend' with lifeguards it plays an important role in rescue work. It can provide the life guard with high a global view so that he can notice the persons who is in need and emergency.

The whole structure of rescue chair is made of stainless steel. So it has good performance in rust-resistance. The seat is made of durable thickened material so that it can load with the life guard stably and make the lifeguard be more comfortable when he needs to sit on the chair for hours in a day.

It's widely used in indoor swimming pool, outdoor beaches, outdoor swimming pool of hotels etc.

swimming pool rescue chair

Features and Equipment of Swimming Pool Chair

There has 3 heights for your choice 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m. You can choose the suitable height according to your needs. There is designed with anti-slip foot fover for the chair to make it be more stable. The hook on the side of chair is used for hanging the life buoy.

The thickness of stainless steel tube is 0.1mm and diameter in 38mm and the distance of steps is widened for being convenient for life guards. 

We also provide other life saving equipment which are necessary rescue equipment too like life jacket, life buoy, life guard, floating buoy, lifeling with life ring, rescue stretcher, sunshade, life board etc.

2.Technical Specifications Of Swimming Pool Chair

Product Name
Swimming Poor Chair
Stainless Steel
Height 1.2m,1.5m,1.8m
Tube Thickness
Tube Diameter 38mm
Load Capacity
Optional Equipmemt
Life Buoy, Life Jacket, Floating Buoy, Life Guard, Rescue Stretcher, Lifeline, Sunshade etc.
Feature Corruption, durable easy cleaning, non -slip.
Application Swimming Pool, Beaches, Hotels etc.

3.Details Image

swimming pool chair2

4.Relative Life Saving Equipment

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