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Marine Two Sided Electric Fryer Kitchen Equipment

Marine fryers find their utility across diverse maritime settings, encompassing commercial vessels, offshore platforms, research ships, and multiple sectors within the marine industry. They stand as essential equipment for meal preparation, guaranteeing the crew and onboard staff have access to freshly cooked, hot meals throughout their journey.

A marine fryer is a type of cooking appliance designed for use in marine environments, especially on ships. It can fry a variety of foods, ensuring efficient and precise cooking.


1. Built with robust 304 stainless steel for enduring structure.

2. Key components utilize imported heating pipes for superior safety, stability, and reliability.

3. The countertop boasts excellent strength, durability, a clean and elegant aesthetic, ensuring easy maintenance.

4. Uniform oil temperature across all points within the cylinder.

5. Features fixed feet for convenient and hassle-free installation.


Marine fryer21

Marine air fryers are incredibly versatile, accommodating a wide array of foods, ranging from classic dishes to unique specialties. This adaptability makes them a top choice for diverse culinary needs aboard offshore kitchens.

Marine fryer22

Routine maintenance

Regular maintenance of a marine deep fryer involves daily cleaning, monitoring and replacing oil, inspecting and cleaning heating elements and thermostats, checking safety features, and scheduling professional servicing.

Keep the fryer clean, oil filtered, and components functioning for efficient and safe operation.

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