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Marine Survival Suit Waterproof Polyester Oxford Immersion Suits

Type I Immersion suits are made of Waterproof Polyester Oxford, which is completely waterproof and has an ability to withstand low temperatures of water in the open ocean. Marine Survival suit is able to cover the whole body except the face and it come with a headrest which provides buoyancy and no need to wear extra life jackets. Sample and OEM are accepted, factory direct sales and have a price advantage.

Marine Survival Suit Waterproof Polyester Oxford Immersion Suits

Certification : EC & CCS Certification
Buoyancy : 142N ~150N
Reflective tape: 3M
Material : CR Expanded Neoprene composite cloth, 5mm thickness
D-ring material : Stainless steel
Size : S,M,L,XL
Gloves : 3 fingers
Zipper: Watertight zipper
Pillow : With a buoyancy pillow
Fitted equipment: With light and whistle
Thermal protective : The body temperature will not be 2℃ lower than normal temperature after immersing in the 0℃~2℃ static water for 6 hours.

Model Buoyancy Reflective tape Main material Fitted Equip. Size
Type I 142N~150N 3M Waterproof Polyester Oxford
Light, Whistle S,M,L,XL
Type II CR expanded Neoprene Composite Cloth

Type I Immersion Suits
Marine Immersion Suit

Type II Immersion Suit

MED Immersion Suit

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