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Marine Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Our integrated marine water dispensers are meticulously engineered to endure the harsh and corrosive conditions of saltwater environments. Crafted with robust materials and coated with epoxy, they stand resilient against the most rigorous challenges posed by saltwater and marine atmospheres. We offer a diverse selection of water coolers tailored to meet various preferences and budgets, ensuring both functionality and style are seamlessly blended to suit every need.

Water Dispenser20

Marine hot and cold water dispensers serve diverse roles aboard ships. They swiftly deliver safe drinking water to crew and passengers in cabins, dining areas, entertainment venues, and more. These dispensers are pivotal for making beverages, preparing meals, and addressing various requirements throughout the vessel. Meeting drinking water needs is a paramount function they fulfill efficiently.

Water Dispenser21


  1. Crafted from robust 304 stainless steel for enduring strength.

2. Features a versatile water hook tube for convenient usage.

3. Equipped with an adjustable pressure faucet to adapt to varying water pressures.

4. Thoughtfully designed with a hot water exhaust pipe and an efficient waste water return mechanism.

5. Incorporates a thermal cylinder buffer film to optimize heating efficiency by preventing rapid mixing of hot and cold water.

6. Provides dual protection in the hot water circuit through the inclusion of a thermal circuit breaker.

7. Designed with a secure base and rear bracket for stable installation.

Ship water dispenser

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance for marine hot and cold water dispensers involves regular cleaning, checking for leaks, inspecting and replacing filters as needed, testing the heating and cooling functions, and ensuring secure electrical connections. This maintenance helps to keep the dispenser in optimal working condition and maintain the quality of dispensed water.

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