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Marine Oil Platform Personnel Transfer Basket

The marine basket is buoyant and can stand or squat inside the basket, or stand around the basket.

Marine Oil Platform Personnel Transfer Basket

High-quality stainless steel marine basket is used for ship hull inspection, maintenance, painting and other uses of the necessary equipment. Safety is the primary concern of the shipping industry, and the use of quality materials is essential to ensure the protection of workers' lives and property. The main frame of the personnel transfer basket is made of SUS304/316L stainless steel, which can withstand long-term sea salt spray corrosion and has a design life of 5-8 years. It can hold 4-12 people at a time. The platform is easy to install and disassemble, reducing the time and manpower required for operation. Its unique design provides a stable and safe environment for staff and ensures that workers' lives and property are not harmed.

Permitted Persons 4-12
Safe Working Load 560-1700kg
Certificate ABS
Material polypropylene multifilament rope

Personnel Transfer Basket

Product feature:

1: The product center column is detachable and foldable, which is convenient for storage and transportation. 

2: Rubber non-slip floor, shock-absorbing chassis. 

3: The product use regulations are not less than a comprehensive inspection once in June and a return to the factory for refurbishment once every two years. The expiration period is 6 years. 

4: The large chassis and all passengers stand inside to avoid possible falling objects and side collisions. Health is a new generation of high-standard manned vehicles. 

5: Quickly and effectively transport people to and from platforms or ships to improve transportation efficiency.

transfer basket

Foldable basket

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