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Marine Cooking Range With Oven Round Hot Plate type cooking range


Marine Cooking Range With Oven (Round Hot Plate)

Specification of cooking range

Model Rating Size
DZR4 10.4Kw 700×700×850mm 65kg
DZR4/R 15.2Kw 700×700×850mm 105kg
DZR6 15.6Kw 1050×700×850mm 80kg
DZR6/R 20.4Kw 1050×700×850mm 120kg

round hot plate

Product Feature

●Complete stainless steel execution

●7-Stop thermal control knob

●With handrail and storm racks

●Hot plates and control elements are imported fromGermany

●The hot plates can stand abrasion、corrosion andhign temperature

● Oven or locker can be set up under the range

The marine cooking range's rugged construction is specifically designed to withstand the harsh maritime environment, including high humidity, vibration, and saltwater spray. The unit is also designed to be easy to install with a minimal amount of retrofitting required.

round cooking range

marine cooking range1

Electric Cooking Range

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