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Marine Commercial Stainless Steel Electric Water Boiler

Boilers heat water electrically and ensure a ready supply of hot water for various tasks such as cooking, cleaning and general use on board the ship.

Marine Commercial Stainless Steel Electric Water Boiler

Marine hot water boilers are crucial for offshore operations, ensuring a steady supply of hot water for diverse requirements on ships and offshore platforms. They vary in size  typically constructed from robust stainless steel capable of enduring the demanding marine environment.

Water Boiler12


·Incorporates automatic water replenishment feature

· Implements water scarcity protection

· Includes clear water level indication

·Equipped with precise water temperature monitoring

·Ensures durability and dependability

Water Boiler13

Routine maintenance of marinewater boilers usually includes the following steps:

1. Regular Cleaning:

    - Wipe down the outside and inside of the boiler to remove any dirt, grime or residue.

    - Clean the heating element and any other accessible components.

2. Check for wear:

    - Check stainless steel surfaces for signs of corrosion, rust or damage.

    - Check electrical connections and controls for loose wires or components.

3. Descaling the boiler:

    - Descale your boiler regularly to remove mineral deposits and scale buildup that may affect performance.

    - Follow the manufacturer's descaling procedure guidelines.

4. Check Security Features:

    - Test the automatic water replenishment and anti-dry devices to ensure they are working properly.

    - Verify that the temperature display and other safety features are functioning properly.

5. Maintain water quality:

    - Use high quality water to reduce scale and buildup inside the boiler.

    - If necessary, treat water to maintain proper water quality and prevent corrosion.

6. Check installation and connections:

    - Make sure the boiler is securely installed and all connections (including water and electrical) are tight and leak-free.

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