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Marine Ballast Water Management System (BWMS)

Marine ballast water treatment system (BWMS) is a device to treat the ballast water and discharged from ships into the sea.

Compact and modular design with Touch screen,audible and visual alarm.


Marine Ballast Water Management System (BWMS)

Ballast water is sea water carried by a vessel in its ballast tanks to ensure the ship’s stability and structural integrity. Ballast tanks are constructed in ships with piping system and high capacity ballast pumps to carry out the operation.

But when taking out ballast water from the ballast tanks, It must be treated before the Ballast can be discharged. That's where the ballast water management system comes in.

The BWTS System includes UV Reactor, Filter, Pressurized control box, Control Unit, Power Cabinet, Electric Valves, monitoring equipment, sampling device and pipelines.

BWTS Ballast System Diagram

Ballast water treatment system diagram

Working Principle

General working modes include ballasting and de-ballasting processes, as well as the ballast stripping and Emergency bypass.


BWMS Ballasting


BWMS De-Ballasting


BWTS System By-pass


1. Compact and modular design

2. Touch screen operation,Easy installation and maintenance

3. Audible and visual alarm

4. Flexible and multi-assembly proposal

5. No hazards to crew

6. Works in all sea areas and courses

BWMS System

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