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Marine 150N Three Pieces Life Jacket PVC Foam Work Jacket Oil Platform Vest

Three-piece lifejacket is widely used in marine crew work to protect the safety of the crew. The three-piece life jacket is bright orange for search and rescue personnel to search. It has a buoyancy of 150N or more and is certified by CCS,EC.

Three Pieces Life Jacket

The Description of the Three Pieces Life JacketIntroduction

Its floating core is made up by imported material, while surface is somethig like PVC plastic, such kind products are widely used by seamen who need to work on oil platform.Three Pieces Working Lifejackets are manufactured according to ISO12402, their buoyancy, blast pressure, tearing strength, and web bing loading have passed the test.

Three Pieces Type Working Lifejacket Specification:
1. Floating core: Bubble Surface: PVC plastic 

2. Pass ISO12402 Testing 

3. Buoyancy: >150N 

4. Floating time: ≥ 24h 

5. Ambient temperature: -30~ 65 degrees Celsius 6. Period of validity: 3 years 7. Color: Red / Orange


High Quality:GR three pieces type jacket is our company's newly developed product,its floating core adopts imported foam material, the surface is PVC plastic.

Reasonable price:We are the producer of our life jackets.We import the raw material by ourselves,manufacture the products by ourselves,and we also export the goods by ourselves.We will provide you the most reasonable price all the time.

High Reputation:The products of our company are manufactured according to ISO12402,their buoyancy,blast pressure, and tearing strength have passed the test.

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