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Inflatable Floating Water Yoga Mat For Floating Water Sports


Water yoga mats are made of durable PVC material and are used for yoga exercises on the water. Compared with traditional yoga mats, water yoga mats can float on the water and provide strong support for practitioners on the water.

Inflatable Yoga Mat9


●Buoyant material: Use lightweight, buoyant PVC material to make it float on the water.

●Anti-slip surface: In order to provide users with better stability, anti-slip design is added to the surface design.

●Water resistance: Since water yoga is designed to be performed in water, it is water-resistant to prevent water absorption, mildew or deformation.

●Portable design: Water yoga mats are usually light and easy to carry, allowing users to practice in different waters.

Inflatable Yoga Mat17

Inflation steps

Inflatable Yoga Mat10

Inflatable Yoga Mat11

Inflatable Yoga Mat13

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