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High Capacity Commercial Stainless Steel Ice Making Machine

An ice maker operates using a refrigeration system where the refrigerant cools water through the evaporator, resulting in ice formation.

Cube Ice Machine 17


1.Completely automated with no unwanted odors

2. Exceptional ice-making capacity with smart control system

3. Simple adjustment for ice thickness

4. Effortless cleaning

5. Precise temperature control through digital panel, maintaining ice freshness

6. Built with a stainless steel exterior

7. Food-grade ice containe

Cube Ice Machine 18

Wide range of application areas for ice machines

Ice making machines find extensive use in commercial settings such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail stores, ensuring a steady supply of ice for beverages and food displays. They're also crucial in healthcare, events, fisheries, supermarkets, and fitness centers, providing ice for medical needs, events, seafood preservation, retail sale, and post-workout recovery, respectively. Their versatile applications address diverse requirements across several industries.

Ice machine product structure

1. The compressor transforms the coolant into a high-pressure gas, elevating its temperature.

2. The condenser, typically located externally, disperses heat while the coolant shifts into high-pressure liquid form.

3. The expansion water valve, also known as the inlet valve, reduces coolant pressure, facilitating its return to a vapor state and lowering its temperature.

4. Inside the unit, the evaporator, comprising heat exchange tubes, cools the interior through this process.

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