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Floating Dry Bag Swimming Inflatable Bags Children Swim Buoy

Inflatable swim bag are flotation aid bags. It's widely used in swimming pool, river,lake etc. open water area. The floating buoy can produce buoyancy to help swimmers float in the water or to help them swim easier in the water. Swim bags are essential swimming aids and safety equipment for beginners and children.

Inflatable Floating Bag

1.General Description

swimming bag

The inflatable swim bag is made of water-proof PVC material and is designed with quick buckles, thickened belts, and mouth inflation tubes. It's mainly used in open water area to guarantee the safety o the wearers. The swim buoy is essential for beginners and children.

Float bags are reusable and very easy to operate. The main steps are as follows.

1. Fold the bag opening to the horizontal line on the bag.

2. Buckle the buckle backwards.

3. Open the inflation tube and blow air with your mouth to fully inflate the dry bag.

4. After it is fully inflated, thread the strap through the handle and secure it.

5. After use, deflate the bag through the deflation nozzle.

2.Product Advantages

swimming floating bag

Abundant Brilliant Colors for Choices

We provide with our customers with abundant bright colors like orange  red,fluorescent green, rose red etc.

We also accept color customization services based on large quantities. The color adopts conspicuous fluorescent colors to ensure the safety of the wearer.

floating inflatable bag

Big Capacity for Loading Personal Belongings

It has a large carrying capacity inside the swimming bag. Because the bag is completely waterproof, you can put your phone, wallet, keys, etc., personal items in the floating bag to carry them with you. Our inflatable bag can enjoy swimming and at the same time protect your personal property.

3.Technical Specifications

Product Name Inflatable Floating Bag
Material PVC
Color Orange Red, Fluorescent Green, Purple
Buoyancy 15kg-18kg
Adavantages Easily to carry and operate, durable,,Items that can be loaded inside.
Inflation Method Mouth Inflation Tube
Durability Reusable
MOQ 10pcs
Application Swimming pool, open water area, water park, open water area.
Package Carton

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pool rescue chair

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