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Commercial Electric Convection Oven Electric with Steam Bakery

A combination oven, often known as a combi oven, combines three primary cooking methods in one unit: convection cooking (hot air), steam cooking, and a combination of both.
Combination ovens offer a wide range of cooking possibilities, making them ideal for preparing a variety of dishes, from baked goods to steamed vegetables and meats.

Commercial Electric Convection Oven Electric with Steam Bakery

Combination Oven4Features

- Crafted entirely from stainless steel for enhanced durability and hygiene

- Unique integrated design for seamless transition between steaming and baking

- Equipped with an automatic timing system, maintaining consistent temperatures for optimal cooking

- Features an automatic water replenishment system and a dry burning alarm for added safety


- Versatility to cook an array of dishes to perfection

Electric Convection Oven diversification functionsfunctions

A combi oven, a versatile 3-in-1 appliance, revolutionizes professional food preparation. It seamlessly combines steam, convection, or a blend of both for culinary excellence.

This integration saves valuable time, space, and costs in commercial kitchens.

The options include precise steam cooking, efficient dry heat convection cooking, or a perfect amalgamation of both techniques for diverse culinary needs.

Combination Oven12

Electric Convection Oven diversification applications

Combination Oven19

Routine maintenance of Electric Convection Oven

Combination Oven13

1、Clean regularly with a mild detergent.

2、Descale and clean the steam generator.

3、Check and replace worn seals.

4、Calibrate temperature for accuracy.

5、Maintain water system cleanliness.

6、Inspect electrical components.

7、Ensure proper ventilation.

8、Follow manufacturer guidelines close

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