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Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Tank

A rainwater harvesting vessel, commonly known as a rain barrel collector, serves as a purposeful container meticulously designed to accumulate and store rainwater runoff from rooftops. Strategically linked to the downspout of a building's gutter system, it efficiently channels rainwater into the barrel for storage. This harvested rainwater, with its diverse applications, stands as a testament to fostering water conservation and contributing to sustainable development initiatives.

Collapsible rain barrel15

Versatile and lightweight collapsible buckets emerge as optimal solutions for hydroponics cisterns, rain barrels, or water storage needs. Their collapsible nature and exceptional compactness make them perfect for seamless relocation and installation in confined spaces, catering to discreet and covert operations with utmost efficiency.

Collapsible rain barrel12

Effortlessly installable and user-friendly, these high-capacity rain barrels boast mesh-covered inlets that effectively prevent bugs and leaves from infiltrating. Positioned at the top-center, they conveniently align with downspouts, facilitating direct water drainage into the barrel. The zippered lid provides swift access to the accumulated water, featuring a sizable opening for easy dipping of watering cans or other containers.


Large capacity and reusable

With a substantial capacity and reusability at its core, this bucket stands ready to harvest and store rainwater efficiently. The gathered rainwater finds purpose in diverse applications, from irrigating gardens to cleaning cars and facilitating outdoor camping. This reusable solution embodies a sustainable approach, harnessing the power of rainwater for various needs, promoting eco-friendly practices.

High quality materials

Crafted from robust PVC with enhanced thickness, our rain barrels are fortified against freezing and breakage, ensuring resilience in adverse weather conditions and extending their service life. Engineered to withstand the rigors of varying climates, these barrels boast a minimum operating temperature, exemplifying durability and reliability even in challenging environmental conditions.


The top mesh serves a dual role, preventing overflow and keeping debris at bay. A high-flow faucet enables quick filling of small containers like buckets and spray cans, while the downspout faucet allows seamless hose connection for efficient plant watering. This design prioritizes functionality and convenience for a versatile user experience.

Collapsible rain barrel16

Collapsible rain barrel17

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