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Cast Iron Diesel Fire Pump Portable Fire Fighting Water Pump with CCS/BV

Marine fire pumps are installed on unpowered fire pumps, fixed fire extinguishing systems or other fire fighting facilities in water working environments such as ships and offshore working platforms, and are used as special pumps for transporting liquid fire extinguishing agents such as water or foam solutions.
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Cast Iron Diesel Fire Pump Portable Fire Fighting Water Pump with CCS/BV

Capacity 120m3/h~3600m3/h Diesel Engine driven FIFI Pump
Speed 1800rpm  Fire Pumps
Medium Seawater Fire Pumps
Pump Material Cast Iron
Efficiency 83%
NPSHr 5.8m

Features of the fire pump: 

Low vibration   Low noise   High efficiencyt   Fully sealed   Corrosion resitant   Light weight

Marine pumps are divided into double-suction pumps and single-suction pumps

Their differences are:

Difference 1: The traffic is different. The single-suction pump has a small flow rate, while the double-suction pump has a large flow rate. 

Difference 2: The structure is different. Single-suction pump means that there is only one stage of impeller in the pump, and single-suction means that water is sucked from one side of the impeller. Double-suction pumps are composed of two back-to-back impellers, and the water flow from the impellers flows into a volute. 

Difference 3: Different application scenarios. Single suction pump is the most common type of water pump used in agriculture. Double-suction pumps are mostly used for water supply and drainage in mines, cities, power stations, and various water conservancy projects.

Cast iron refers to the general term for cast iron-carbon alloys with a carbon content of 2% to 6.67%. It is usually smelted from pig iron, scrap steel, and ferroalloys in different proportions.

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