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3.6m Plastic Sea Safety Fishing Vessels with Outboard Motor

PE rigid ship surface is made of polyethylene raw materials. The bottom of the ship is antiskid, and the appearance is streamlined.Sea fishing vessels suitable for: leisure, river crossing, patrol, fishing, fishing, breeding, etc
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3.6m Plastic Sea Safety Fishing Vessels with Outboard Motor

The surface of the high-density plastic fishing boat is made of polyethylene. The bottom of the ship is non-slip, smooth and beautiful appearance, smooth appearance to follow-up maintenance on the convenience, flexible operation advantages. In addition, our fishing boats have anti-impact, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, stability, strong load characteristics, in the use of the process, can maximize the user's property and life safety.

Product name
Fishing vessel
Maximum load 750kg
Maximum number of people 6
Boat material PE
Specifications 360*140*50CM
Product weight 80kg
Marine ship boat

The advantages of fishing boats:

1, Polyethylene material if damaged, can be easily repaired with hot-air welding. 

2.Plastic boats are available in blue, red and orange to meet international standards. Of course, we can customize the colors according to customer requirements.

3, Absolutely rust free, it does not crack, chip or fade due to the addition of Ultraviolet Stabilizers.

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