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2400m3/h Marine External Fire Fighting System for Boat

Our fire fighting systems are engineered to meet the rigorous standards of FIFI I, FIFI II, and FIFI III classification societies, ensuring resilience in challenging marine environments. We provide cutting-edge solutions, including high-capacity and high-efficiency fire monitors, fire pumps, foam systems, and sprinkler systems, to safeguard against fire hazards at sea.

FiFi systems find application on ships dedicated to providing fire protection support for other vessels,as their primary function.

2400m3/h FiFi system parameters

Min.number of fire monitor  3 4
Min.jet rate if fire monitor(m3/h) 2400 1800
Min.number of fire punp 2
Min.capacity of fire pump 7200
Min.height of jet trajectory above water surface(m) 70
Min.range 150

fire fighting system16

The FiFi system comprises essential components such as fire pumps, fire monitors, control systems, valves, wireless remote controls, water curtain protection systems, and other integral elements. These components work cohesively to ensure a comprehensive and effective firefighting capability in various maritime settings.

Importance of fifi system

External fire protection systems for marine applications are indispensable in safeguarding ships, their crew, and the surrounding environment from the destructive impact of external fires. 

These systems stand as a cornerstone in maritime safety protocols and regulatory frameworks, underscoring their pivotal role in mitigating fire-related risks at sea.

If you have specific inquiries or require further insights into these critical safety measures, please feel free to engage with us for detailed discussions.

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