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1200m3/h Marine External Fire Fighting System

An offshore external firefighting system is a crucial element of a ship's safety apparatus dedicated to addressing external fires. It generally comprises specialized equipment and mechanisms specifically designed for firefighting activities in offshore settings. This system plays a vital role in enhancing the vessel's safety and preparedness, especially in situations where the risk of fires is heightened, such as congested ports or ships carrying hazardous cargo.

1200m3/h Marine External Fire Fighting System

1200m3/h" indicates its pumping capacity, specifically the volume of water the system can deliver per hour. This system is tailored for firefighting on ships and other maritime vessels, providing a high water flow rate to efficiently combat fires in various marine environments.

It typically includes components such as fire pumps, water monitors, hoses, and nozzles, all integrated to ensure effective firefighting capabilities in the challenging conditions encountered at sea. The system's specifications and design adhere to maritime safety standards to safeguard vessels and their occupants from the threat of fires.

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1200m3/h FiFi System Parameter

Min.number of fire monitor 2
Min.jet rate of fire monitor 1200m3/h
Min number of fire pump 1
Min.Capacity of fire pump 2400m3/h
Minimum height of jet trajectory above water surface 45m
Min.Range 120m

Importance and widespread use

Marine external firefighting systems find essential application across a range of maritime sectors, including shipping vessels, offshore platforms, harbor facilities, escort and tugboats, search and rescue vessels, and naval/military ships. 

These systems are designed to combat external fires on vessels and offshore structures, contributing significantly to maritime safety and emergency response capabilities in challenging environments.

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