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0.6-1.2MPa Fire Safety Pressured Foam Proportioner Foam Tank for Fire Fighting

Tank pressure type air foam proportion mixing device is an important equipment for fire foam fire extinguishing system engineering in oil depots, ports, airports, petrochemical and other places.
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0.6-1.2MPa Fire Safety Pressured Foam Proportioner  Foam Tank for Fire Fighting

Foam Proportioner Principle: 

The pressure foam proportional mixing device is mainly composed of a foam liquid pressure storage tank with a capsule and a PHY pressure proportional mixer made of the Venturi principle. When the water in the system pipe network flows through the proportional mixer decompression orifice , there will be a pressure difference between the front and back of the orifice plate. A part of the water (3% or 6%) at the high pressure enters the tank through the water inlet pipe of the foam tank, squeezes the capsule, and squeezes the foam liquid in the capsule through the outlet pipe of the foam tank to the low pressure part of the proportional mixer and water Mix to form a foam mixture, and the formed foam mixture is output to foam generating equipment (medium, low, and high expansion foam generators, foam guns, foam cannons, etc.) and mixed with air to generate foam for fire extinguishing.

foam Proportioner

Working pressure range (MPa) 0.6-1.2
Rated Pressure (MPa) 1.2
Strength test 1.5MPa
Sealing test 1.32MPa
Mixing ratio 3-6
Pressure drop(MPa) 0.15

According to the structure of the storage tank, it is divided into: horizontal proportional mixing device and vertical proportional mixing device.

proportioner for firefighting

Pressured Proportioner Features:

1. The mixing ratio of the foam tank is quite stable, accurate and reliable, and can provide high-quality foam mixture.

2. Save foam liquid and reduce fire extinguishing costs. Because the capsule of the foam tank separates the foam liquid from water, the foam liquid is not used up at one time and can be used next time, and the mixing accuracy is stable and reliable.

foam tank

fire proportioner

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