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Type II Immersion Suit

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Type II Immersion Suit

Immersion Suit

Comply with the requirements of IMO LSA and MSC81.(70) (in accordance with the rules of IMO LSA, MSC 81. (70)). Immersion suit with buoyancy and no need to wear life jacket. Equipped with whistle and life jacket lights. The fabric is made of high-quality NEOPRENE composite material. It is waterproof, heat-insulating, temperature-resistant, flame-retardant, oil-resistant and with specified strength. It is a multi-layer composite, non-toxic and non-irritating, and will not be affected by sea air, seawater, fresh water, oil and fungi. This product has been type approved and inspected by China Classification Society.

Material performance Fabric: 

Nylon waterproof cloth CR composite material, the second generation product fabric is: 5mm neoprene foam rubber (5mmCR). 

Thermal insulation and buoyancy material: polyethylene foam CR composite material. 

Wearing time:< 2min 

Storage temperature: -30℃-+65℃


Type XL: suitable for people with a height of 1.85m or more.

Type L: suitable for 1.75m-1.85m height.

Type M: suitable for those with a height of less than 1.75m .

Waterproof performance :The wearer floats in the water for 1 hour, and the water intake in the clothes is less than 200g. 

Heat preservation characteristics :The wearer is soaked in 0-2C still water for 6 hours, and the body temperature decreases by no more than 2℃.

Buoyancy  :The wearer can turn over to the face-up position within 5 seconds, and the nose and mouth are 120mm above the water surface. If the wearer is immersed in water for 24 hours, the buoyancy loss is less than 5N.


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