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SOLAS Requirement of EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Devices

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SOLAS Requirement of EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Devices

EEBD is a kind of air-supply equipment, which is only used for escaping from cabins with dangerous atmosphere.

Operating requirement:

  1. EEBD shall have service duration not less than 10 minutes.

  2. A brief instruction or diagram should be clearly printed on the EEBD.

  3. The inactive EEBD should be able to be carried hands-free.

Solas Requirement for EEBD

1) EEBD shall comply with Fire system safety code and a spare EEBD must be kept onboard ship for the purposes of onboard training aside from those that present to evacuate a designated space.

2) EEBD should be approved by the authority.

3) All cargo ships must carry at least 2 EEBD in the accommodation area.

4) All passenger ship must carry at least two EEBD in main vertical zones

5) For ships carrying more then 36 passengers, two EEBD’s are additionally required in each main vertical zone.

6) EEBD is to be located in easily visible areas of machinery spaces, mostly in engine control room, workshop and near escape routes.


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