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Marine External Fire Fighting System WIthaca CSS BV Certificate

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 Marine External Fire Fighting System WIthaca CSS BV Certificate

FiFi system is commonly used on vessels whose primary or secondary role is fire protection of other vessels.

The FiFi classification is divided into three categories, each of which indicates the number of monitors, capacity and throw distance, pump capacity, foam requirements, etc.

In the case of FiFi 1, the ship must be equipped with at least two fire monitors capable of projecting water from 120 m of the ship to a height of 45 m, together with one or two fire pumps.

OSVs with the FiFi Class 2 logo have two to four monitors, a minimum throw length of 150 m, a height of 70 m and two to four fire pumps.

FiFi 3 ships must be equipped with three to four fire monitors with a range of 180 m and two to four fire pumps. The monitor is controlled from the cab.

Marine External Fire Fighting System Main Composition


Fire pumps increase the effectiveness of fire protection systems by providing the extra pressure water needs to extinguish fires. The pump does not produce water, but is connected to fire sprinklers or a readily available external water source.

Fire monitor water

A fire water monitor, also known as a water monitor or fire monitor, is a high-volume nozzle that is typically mounted on a fixed or mobile platform, such as a fire truck, ship, or industrial facility. Its main purpose is to deliver a concentrated stream of water or foam to extinguish a fire or control a hazardous situation.

Our fire protection systems comply with FIFI I, FIFI II and FIFI III classification societies and are built to withstand harsh marine environments. We offer high capacity, high efficiency fire monitors, fire pumps, foam systems and sprinkler systems.


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