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Anti-collision Marine Fender

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 Anti-collision Marine Fender

The expression and application of Marien Fenders

Rubber fenders, often referred to as inflatable fenders, Yokohama fenders, or rubber-impregnated tire fabric fenders, are crafted from rubber with multiple layers of tire fabric.They hold the esteemed position of being the world's primary safeguards against ship collisions. 

These marine fenders have become indispensable for ship-to-ship (STS), ship-to-quay (STQ), and ship-to-berthing (STB) operations, serving as a paramount means of safeguarding vessels. Their widespread usage extends to large tankers, various types of ships, terminals, port facilities, and offshore platforms.

Type of Marien Fenders

marine fender12

Marine fenders come in a multitude of varieties, including cylindrical fenders, arched fenders, tapered fenders, super cell fenders, D-type fenders, wing fenders, solid square fenders, keyhole fenders, outrigger fenders, rubber ladders, and tug fenders.

Fender systems offer tailored inflatable buffers that safeguard vessels, averting collisions at harbors and terminals. These buffers absorb shock and impact during the docking process or ship-to-ship interactions. Ship fenders can be affixed to the vessel or secured at mooring stations and platforms, effectively mitigating the risk of costly damage, such as bumps, scratches, and dents, which could substantially jeopardize safety.

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