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oil-water separator

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oil-water separator

oil water separator

The oil-water separator is based on the International Maritime Organization IMO MEPC. 107(49) , the water oil content ≤15 ppmo this equipment is a marine environmental protection high-end technology products, can contain all kinds of fuel oil on the ship, high density residual oil and bilge water containing an emulsion mixture of iron oxide, Surfactant, etc. . The equipment is not only suitable for the treatment of marine bilge oil sewage, but also for the treatment of oil sewage in ports, docks and industrial and mining enterprises. 

Oil-water separator working principle: Marine Oil-Water separator for the box structure, can be buried underground or on the ground, anti-skid box cover open, sewage into the residue collection chamber through the entrance, leaving solid matter, the sewage flows into the grease trap chamber through the lower edge of the separator, and a large amount of oil floats to the surface after gravity separation. The deoiled sewage flows into the grease trap chamber through the lower edge of the separator, and the oil separates again from the surface, the deoiled sewage is exported to the unified and standardized water purification sampling room stipulated by the State Environmental Protection Bureau, which is convenient for sampling and is discharged through the discharge pipe. The whole grease trap design fine, reasonable, small size, high efficiency, raw materials for stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic.


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