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Working Principle Of Marine Sewage Holding Tank

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Working Principle Of Marine Sewage Holding Tank

The raw sewage or solid residues treated by the sewage treatment device enter the storage tank through the sewage inlet pipeline. After the sewage or residue accumulates to a certain level in the storage tank, the sewage or sludge can be sent to the shore through the discharge joint Facilities, or directly discharged in non-pollution control areas. The crushing pump is installed in the lower part of the storage cabinet and connects the cabinet body and the inlet and outlet of the crushing pump with a connecting pipe. There is a direct ball valve in the middle of the connecting pipe. The electrical control box is on the front of the cabinet or on the bulkhead near the cabinet. There are four lifting lugs on the top of the cabinet for lifting. The top of the device is equipped with a dosing port. The main body of the storage cabinet is a steel container with a slope on one side, and the inner wall is coated with epoxy asphalt paint for corrosion protection.


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